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BookYap’s Review: The college entrepreneur classes or MBA courses might have taught you how to start and operate a small business. But that information was just a scratch on the surface compared to what the book ReWork will teach you. This book is insightful, cuts to the chase and points out things that really matter. You’ll get a new perspective on what’s critical to the success of a business, especially in this fast-changing environment for entrepreneurs.

Many business books explain theories at great length and point out some examples to make their points convincing, but not very actionable. ReWork gets straight to the point with realistic and actionable recommendations which you can start on right away. In short, this book shows you today’s smart, fast and easy way to success in business.

Each chapter in this book is short and focused on key factors that really matter. They are each divided into 10 mini-chapters: Takedowns, Go, Progress, Productivity, Competitors, Evolution, Promotion, Hiring, Damage Control and Culture. In fact, while writing this review, I’m reading this book for the second time to review as well as remind myself of the things I should continue to improve in my small business. The next book I would recommend you to read is Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business by Gino Wickman.


Chapter: GO