Welcome to BookYap.com. My name is Phong (Peter) Nguyen, and I’ve been living in the U.S. for over 19 years. I love to read practical books from successful entrepreneurs of the past and present, then implement what I deem insightful to further enhance my work for my clients.

Another passion I have is to share what I’ve learned (sometimes through trial and error) with others so they can also benefit. I also welcome other professionals who share the same passion into
 this journey of BookYap. Hopefully, one day, BookYap.com will become a popular site where people come to read practical book reviews before investing in their next book. Here’s a little more of why I started this website.

Many people read books for entertainment, and a good portion of us read to gain knowledge. There are also those who read to prepare themselves for real-life situations to either gain experience or assets. BookYap.com is the site for the latter group of people, those who want to know what other professionals have to say about the books they have read and the value they have gained. You now have a book review website that goes into much greater detail than the regular book review sites. At BookYap, we only review actionable/self-improvement books that provide relevant information and insights for life and business.

You might have heard the phrase, “It’s easier said than done.” Our mission is to narrow this gap by providing a little more in-depth review of practical books to let others know our opinion on whether a book might be a valuable resource for that topic. We believe that by providing a thorough, third-party point of view, you will benefit on multiple fronts such as:

A. You will know (to a greater degree) what to expect before spending your time and money on a book.

B. If a book is not up to par based on our standards, we’ll let you know. We might also recommend another book on the same topic that we feel has more merit. That way, you save time and minimize your level of disappointment.
C. Based on the topic of each book, we may recommend other books that would complement it for your convenience.

Here’re 3 key factors we use to provide (an average) review score for each book:
1. Up-to-date content: 5/5 points
2. Educational value: 5/5 points
3. Actionable advice: 5/5 points

As time goes by, we will keep adding more categories, features and content to make BookYap.com (hopefully) THE place where people go to check on the “practical value” of a book before they purchase, read and follow its suggestions. Why is this important? Because paying for a book and spending some time to read a few chapters to see whether its recommendations are sound is usually inexpensive. However, acting on those recommendations can be time-consuming and sometimes costly. Therefore, it’s important (if not critical) to read reviews from experienced professionals ahead of time.

If you like our mission, please share our website with others on your social media pages so our book reviews can help more people like you. Thank you very much!