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Things That Make Unique And Beneficial To Our Community

First, only reviews Practical Books. Our team members who provide reviews are those who specialize within a category. For example, a member of our team who writes reviews for marketing books must specialize and practice (in real life) under the Marketing category. All our book reviews were written by real professionals; thus, their feedback is more in-depth than the average comments you see on other book review sites.

Second, these are three important factors our reviewers must rate for each book to give readers more helpful information:

  • 1. Up-to-date content: 5/5 points
  • 2. Educational value: 5/5 points
  • 3. Actionable advice: 5/5 points

Third, we understand that our target audience is the group of people who will do something to test out the insights they've gained from the practical book(s). Whether their actions involve a small or large capital and time investment, we want to be careful and selective with the books we recommend right from the start. That means the standard we look for in the candidates who apply to be one of our Book Reviewers is very selective.

In short, we prefer quality over quantity, even though that may initially slow down the number of available reviews. is not here to provide the most book reviews, but to present the most insightful reviews for each practical book we recommend, one book at a time.

We hope you see the unique benefits brings to our community. If you like what we do, please share this site with your friends and family who you believe will benefit from it as well. Thank you for taking the initiative to learn about us!

How to Best Use BookYap!

The best approach to benefiting from book reviews is to read a few paragraphs of our book intro and reviews. If the book sounds interesting to you, then buy the book as a hard copy or digital version and start reading. After reading each chapter, return to our professional review of that chapter to gain another perspective and expand your own viewpoint.

The reason this process is so important starts with the simple, but critical question: Why do we read self-improvement books or practical books? It’s because it teaches us to think and develop new practices that help us in our life and business.

Smart people don’t read books just to tell others what they know. They read to gain broader insights that help them improve their desired outcome.

BookYap is designed to be your companion. We share our opinions on books we’ve read so you can get another point of view beyond that of the author(s). If you would like to be a contributor writing the type of book reviews you see on BookYap, feel free to apply here. We will process your application and get back to you for an interview. Thank you for considering us. Please share our unique site with others on your social media pages.