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BookYap’s Review:  TRACTION – Get a Grip on Your Business

Chapter 1: The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS): Strengthening the Six Key Components

TRACTION: BookYap ReviewIn a small startup or business venture, the founder or co-founders often take on multiple roles in the business’ day to day operation. Thus, their to-do list keeps getting longer if you don’t catch up fast enough, while there are many other things to worry about. In this chapter, the author explained the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which simplified things to 6 components that made up important factors in the organization’s operation.

In this section, the author briefly highlighted what each of these 6 components entailed with detail explanations in the following chapters. I do recognize the importance of these 6 components as the fundamental facts of any business operation: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction. If you want to run an efficient organization, this is the book you should read. I would say, by reading this first chapter you should know whether this book is for you or not.


Chapter 2: Letting Go of The Vine

This chapter explains five leadership abilities that you need to practice and establish in your business to reach your goals while you evolve and grow. They are: Simplify, Delegate, Predict, Systemize, and Structure.

While recently working on a new business I started not long ago, I implemented these 5 factors into the new business. My goal is to set up this business in a way that it can operate even if I’m off on vacation for a month. A person who I think has mastered this concept, is Mr. Warren Buffet. With about 20 employees in his office, he has been able to command several large companies successfully, remotely, for many years.

A key take away I took from this chapter is: no matter how smart or knowledgeable you are at many things, the ultimate business capabilities can only be achieved when you simplify your business system so you can delegate the tasks to be done so people can do their jobs effectively, and collectively push toward your goals. Don’t be a jack of all trades, be a talent allocator instead. By the way, another great book I would recommend related to this topic is Multiplier: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman.

Chapter 3: The Vision Component: Do they see what you are saying?

Chapter 4: The People Component: Surround yourself with good people.

Chapter 5: The Data Component: Safety in Numbers

Chapter 6: The Issues Component: Decide!