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Sleep Smarter

Reviewed by Phong Nguyen

BookYap’s Review: We all want to be effective, efficient and energized during our waking hours, but the majority of us often overlook the importance of our sleep. Most of us just get by with an average night’s sleep. This book will show you how to turn your average (or below average) night’s sleep, into a fulfilling and invigorating night’s sleep.

Working in the IT industry, I was a night owl for many years. I would regularly work until 3 am, and sleep until 10 am. I always felt tired, even after 7 hours of sleep. Since I changed my sleep schedule to 11pm-6am, my productivity has drastically increased, and I feel great. Then, I found and read this book. My sleep and energy improved even more. As an entrepreneur, good sleep helps me make the most of my day. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially other entrepreneurs.

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