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The Happy Advantage

Reviewed by Phong Nguyen

BookYap’s Review: People often assume that achieving career success, or earning millions of dollars, will make them happy. However, it’s clear that money (as evidenced by many examples of depression and misery among wealthy celebrities) does not buy happiness. This book provides strong arguments, supported by research, which shows that happiness is the first factor you must find within yourself, which will help you succeed.

I think every college student should read this book to prepare themselves prior to joining the workforce. I think the group of professionals who can benefit the most from this book are entrepreneurs and social leaders who influence others in their community. I believe this book will help you to increase your emotional intelligence, if you practice it’s 7 principles every day, which are:

              1. The Happiness Advantage

              2. The Fulcrum and the Lever

              3. The Tetris Effect

              4. Falling Up

              5. The Zorro Circle

              6. The 20-second Rule

              7. Social Investment

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