The Real Book Of Real Estate

The Real Book Of Real Estate
Up-to-date content
20out of 5
Educational value
20out of 5
Actionable advices
18.5out of 5


4.9 out of 5

BookYap’s Review: I like to educate myself as well as invest in real estate. The books I have read, and practice on these topics often come from Robert Kiyosaki’s team of authors. I find most of their books have a neutral stance, with an admirable mission to educate the people on what we need to know with regard to real estate investment, finance, taxes, etc.

I wanted to review this book because it is comprehensive; it gives you enough information to know the essential things you should know and practice. If you want to learn more detail on a particular topic from this book, you can even get the book(s) written by the co-author from each section of this book. With that, let’s go over chapter one.


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Part 1: The Business of Real Estate

Part 2: A Real Estate Attorney's View of Assembling and Managing Your Team

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