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Reviewed by Phong Nguyen

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

For those who want to learn about social media marketing and the best way to establish long-term success in the social networking space, this book is for you. Even though this is a short book, it covers most of the key factors you need to be successful in social media. And it’s written by a well-respected author who “walks the talk,” Seth Godin. Currently, on Facebook alone, Seth Godin has more than 360,000 likes and 354,000 followers.

You may have also read other popular books by Seth Godin like Purple Cow, The Dips, Permission Marketing, Linchpin, and more. I like the length and layout of Seth Godin’s books because most of them are short with easy-to-read layouts. You can finish a book in just a few sittings if you’d like.

If you are an employee in a marketing department, the next book by Seth Godin that I would recommend you read is Permission Marketing. Or, if you are a self-employed individual in your own small business, the next book I would recommend for you is Linchpin. Either way, you will find each of these books useful and insightful for what you do as a marketer in this digital age.

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